If you've recently attended a networking event, remember to follow up personally with the people you met. Doing this not only helps you stand out from everyone else at the event but also sets the foundation for a strong business relationship.

Today, we're sharing a great email template you can use to follow up with someone you've met at a networking event or conference. Notice how we reference the conversation you had with them and be open about your ambitions and why you're contacting them.

Here's a sample follow-up networking email template you can use:

Subject: Quick follow up on our chat at APM!
Hi Rohan,

I hope you're doing great. We met at the APM Conference last month, where we talked about your career at Facebook. I'm currently at AI Working working as a business analyst.

I've been figuring out my next career move, and product management seems like a great fit for my experience. Facebook's a dream company for me, and if it's okay with you, I'd love to ask you a few questions about your experience there and if you also think PM is the right fit for me.

Do you have time for a quick coffee next week? I can come to your office or wherever is most convenient for you. I'd really appreciate it.


When should I send this email?

While you can send a networking email like this up to a couple of months after an event, the sooner you send it, the higher your response rate. Ideally, send this email within a day or two of the event.

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Good luck

-Rohan :)