How to write a thank you note after an informational interview (+ sample email template)

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you probably know how much we recommend networking. In fact, we’ve created a whole page with 25+ networking email templates you can use!

Today, we wanted to share one of the most requested email templates: a thank you note!

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The 20 Best Resume Tips, Tricks and Hacks [Updated for 2019] [List with examples]

A recent study by Glassdoor indicated that 98 percent of applicants are rejected based on their resumes alone.

That’s ridiculous. And quite frankly, unfair. How can a company judge all your skills, achievements and experiences from one piece of paper?

That’s why we wrote this article.

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Is your resume readable by ATS? Try our resume scanner to find out.

Pretty much every company uses some kind of recruitment software to speed up their hiring. In fact, over ninety percent of resumes are discarded before they reach a hiring manager or a recruiter!

You’re probably thinking this is incredibly unfair to you. And it is. After all, you’ve spent many days and hours crafting the perfect resume that carefully demonstrates your accomplishment and the company that you’re applying to doesn’t even bother reading it!

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